Syilx Knowledge Circle


Data governance is what Syilx have done from time immemorial – protected, gathered, stored, and shared their knowledge. One of the main aspects of Syilx data governance has been protection. Careful consideration was given to who should be trained as the safe keeper of certain knowledge, and how and when the knowledge was shared.

The second Syilx Knowledge Circle Gathering will build on the first Syilx Knowledge Circle Gathering, and will ask participants to share their ideas for Syilx data sovereignty.

The first Syilx Knowledge Circle Gathering was held in July, 2020. It gave an overview of what data governance is and how ONA is approaching Syilx data governance. We discussed Syilx data sovereignty.

Syilx Knowledge Circle 2021

Event Date:
March 25, 2021

Event Time:
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Event Location:
Virtual - Registration now open!


Raila Dollevoet, Data & Research Analyst


T: 250 707 0095 ext. 251