BC Hydro Enduring Relationship


We are standing together with them on this

“This [agreement] serves as a strong reminder of the power of the unity our Nations possess. As a result, BC Hydro has committed to a new era of reconciliation, trust and meaningful strategic engagement for all their activities on our territories.” Dr. Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, 2011

The Syilx Okanagan Nation and BC Hydro entered into an agreement as a commitment to create new systems and new standards for working together that would better benefit both the Nation and BC Hydro operations. Since the signing of the agreement in 2011, the Chiefs Executive Council (CEC) has worked diligently to turn BC Hydro from one of the greatest adversaries to a partner operating from mutual processes of involvement and decision-making. This Enduring Relationship is a major milestone of the Syilx Okanagan Nation’s history with BC Hydro. It is built upon principles of respect, early involvement, greater transparent communications and meaningful resolution of the concerns of the Nation and member communities. It has allowed the Nation to uphold Syilx Okanagan Title and Rights.

The Enduring Relationship has benefited the Syilx Okanagan Nation and communities in many ways. As part of the agreement, the Nation has received lump sum payments, dedicated job and training opportunities for community members, regular involvement in project decisions, participation in changes to the mechanisms of interaction and communications with BC Hydro, and clean energy opportunities. It opened up regular communication channels between the Chiefs and the Senior BC Hydro Executive, which was unprecedented. It has allowed the Chiefs Executive Council to create the Energy Executive Committee (EEC) to discuss energy and business opportunities more in depth and finally to create a Nation-based Procurement Working Group (PWG) to aid community members and community business to successfully obtain procurement opportunities with BC Hydro.

To learn more about the Enduring Relationship please see: Enduring Relationship Booklet

For more information contact:

Dina Matterson – Relationship Lead – Okanagan Nation Alliance (Syilx), Indigenous Relations
P 604 528 1809
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