Where Are the Children: This powerful record of the history of legacy of Canada’s Residential School System was created by the

Legacy of Hope Foundation, which provides a variety of resources in support of healing.

The Residential School System: The Indigenous Foundations program at UBC provides an overview of the history and impacts of the schools.

Similkameen Crossroads:Through an interactive multimedia website the filmmaker seeks to reconcile his Christian upbringing with the Church’s blighted yet enduring relationship with First Nations people.


Support Organizations

Indian Residential School Survivors Society provides support to former students and their families.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission has collected stories from former students across Canada.

The Aboriginal Healing Foundation, although no longer operating, created an important body of research about the impacts of colonization and the healing process. This research is still available on the AHF’s archived website.



Behind Closed Doors shares the personal stories of 32 former students of the Kamloops Residential School.

My Name is Seepeetza tells the story of a young girl at the Kamloops school in this prizewinning book for young readers.

Resistance & Renewal, one of the first books about residential schools, explores daily life at the Kamloops school.