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qʷʕay snk̓lip Blue Coyote

The book is a contemporary Syilx captikʷɬ about snk̓lip, a gorgeous being created by k̓ʷəlncutn to rid the world of nʔaɬnaʔsqilxʷtn in preparation for the sqilxʷ that would come. This book was created as a resource in hopes that it will create a greater awareness of mental health issues, while providing an opportunity for greater mindfulness of the importance cultural identity and community play in the well-being of First Nations.


Take the Indian Out of the Child:
The ONA is proud to share this record of our people’s endurance through the darkest chapter of our collective story. While there are now many books about the Indian residential school system, this is the first to speak about the specific ways in which it has touched the Syilx people. This book is in honour of all members of our Nation who have been impacted by the Indian residential school system—past, present, and future.


nsiwɬkwcn The Language of the Water:
For Syilx Okanagan People, the ways of knowing water are embedded in our language and bequeathed to us by our ancestors. Maintaining the integrity of water is essential to our identity and is entrenched in our responsibilities to our homelands. Water is our most sacred medicine. This booklet is both of the relationship that we share with water and an invitation to others to reflect on their relationship with this vital gift.

How Coyote Broke the Salmon Dam: This story is an adaptation of the captikʷɬ of How Coyote Broke the Salmon Dam. Such publications provide an opportunity for understanding the living land and teaching each generation how to become a “part of it” as the only way we, the Syilx, have survived. 



Lazy Boy: A journey about a boy who learns about self-care, wellness and giving back to community.

ISBN 978-0-9918128-1-3

t́iʔt́iʔmúɬ ttẃit (Lazy Boy), read by sʕamtícaʔ (Sarah Peterson)


Chipmunk and Owl Woman: Tells a story of chipmunk trying to not get caught by owl woman, owl woman who went camp to camp and stole children & ate them.

ISBN 978-0-9918128-0-6 –


A Home for Chipmunk: This book illustrates Traditional Family Decision Making from a Syilx perspective and can be used in the oral tradition of the Syilx people to preserve and teach our children the culture and ways of our ancestors.

ISBN 978-0-9918128-4-4



Go Back To The Root: This learning resource is based on a workshop series designed by the Okanagan Nation Alliance in partnership with the En’owkin Centre. The workshops approached the subject of Syilx families from several perspectives. At the end of the series, participants said: We can’t keep these learnings to ourselves-we need to share them. This learning resource was created to do just that.





That Which Gives Us Life: This book describes the Okanagan Peoples relationship to the land and water. The Syilx People have always governed our land according to principles that are embedded in traditional knowledge, stories, teachings, ceremonies, medicines, dances, and the arts. These principles carry with them a sacred, inherent responsibility to care for the tmxʷulaxʷ (Our Land).



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