Navigating Healthcare

The healthcare system is complex. It’s always changing. Finding your way through the many doors of the system isn’t easy. This site supports members of the Syilx Okanagan Nation to find the right doors. It offers guidance so each of us can chart the right path for our healthcare needs. When a health issues arises, it is wise to seek treatment as soon as possible. If you wait, your health may suffer and you may need more specialized treatment.

Entering the health system is like traveling to a foreign country. If you prepare and do some research about the culture and customs, you are more likely to get the trip you hope for.

Colonization brought negative health impacts for generations. Many of us find that cultural differences create barriers to health services. But today, we are making change. The ONA has the Syilx Health Plan. On a personal level, informed choices increase our well-being. Traditional beliefs about health and wellness continue to be important to us. Western science is starting to recognize the wisdom of our traditions. It is our responsibility to take the best of Syilx and mainstream health and weave them together.

In Your Community

For info on healthcare services in your community, click on your band below:

WFN Community Handbook

UNIB Community Handbook

PIB Community Handbook

OKIB Community Handbook

OIB Community Handbook

LSIB USIB Community Handbook


The Navigating Healthcare Workshop is available for community members or healthcare staff. Fun and interactive, this workshop supports personal empowerment and shares essential healthcare info. The Facilitator’s Guide and the Participant Handbooks can be downloaded here. For help with hosting a workshop, contact the Wellness Department at the ONA.