Procurement Working Group

What is procurement?

In this case, procurement is the process of obtaining services, including any negotiations and agreements. For Syilx Okanagan Nation members who have businesses, this means the process of successfully obtaining contract work with BC Hydro.

Background and Purpose

The Procurement Working Group (PWG) was established as part of implementing the business aspects of the Enduring Relationship. Each Syilx Okanagan member community was invited to participate on the PWG and a Business Development Specialist was hired to ensure the Syilx Okanagan Nation is engaged in job and contract opportunities. Successful procurement for Syilx Okanagan Nation businesses and individuals results in contracting through direct awards, employment opportunities, training, and experience. The PWG ensures our member communities benefit from the negotiated minimum $10 million direct award target from BC Hydro’s Ten Year Capital Plan for construction, supply and services contracts. This $10 million amount is renewable each time the target is reached.

Roles and Responsibilities

Business Development Specialist: in collaboration with BC Hydro’s relationship lead for the Enduring Relationship, will notify the PWG members of emerging BC Hydro procurement opportunities within the Syilx Okanagan Territory.

Procurement Working Group Members: will work directly with the Business Development Specialist, BC Hydro and external contractors to support partnerships, joint ventures and foster working relationships to realize procurement opportunities that are derived out of BC Hydro’s 10-year Capital, Operational and Maintenance Plans. This work includes developing a communications network with contractors within their given community. Additionally, the PWG members must be responsive to BC Hydro procurement opportunities referred by the Business Development Specialist.


The PWG has worked to develop several tools to aid Syilx Okanagan businesses in successfully bidding for contracts with BC Hydro. These include a template letter of intent, a business development agreement, a communications strategy, and other processes and policies to better equip Syilx Okanagan businesses for success.

Successful contracts thus far are:

  • OIB/Stoyoma Mountain Falling & Asplundh – Two $150,000 contracts for vegetation work (2019)
  • PIB/Hi-Trax & Progressive Fence – $1.0M contract for a security fence at Nicola Substation (2019)
  • OKIB/Quantum Murray/SLR Consulting – $150,000 contract for oil contamination remediation (2019) and $25,000 contract for environmental monitoring (2020) at Mica Dam
  • UNB/Wanda’s Solutions – $105,000 contract for janitorial work at Merritt District Offices and Merritt and Nicola substations (Jan 2019 – Dec 2020)
  • OIB/Lake Contracting – $395,000 contract for bank stabilization (2017) and $572,425 contract for road realignment (2020) at Seven Mile Dam
  • WFN/Houle – $7.5M contract for MCA 600V Circuit Breaker Project at Mica Dam (Summer 2020)
  • WFN/Houle – $1.5M contract for two ventilation systems at Mica Dam (Fall 2020)

Image Description: Chief Byron Louis and Fabian Alexis at Wilsey Dam


Several requirements must be met to successfully obtain procurement awards, by BC Hydro and by the contractor:

Designated Business requirements:

  • Needs to be technically qualified to do the work
  • Needs to meet all contract requirements (ie. Schedule, experience etc…)
  • Cost needs to be market competitive

Safety Requirements and Responsibility:

  • Contractor must meet all safety requirements laid out in the contract and cannot be awarded contract unless met
  • Contractor responsible for providing safety training to all workers, including subcontractors
  • BC Hydro’s representative is responsible to advise contractor of any hazards present in the work area and identify training to contractor to address those hazards, e.g. PSSP, WPP

Environmental Requirements:

  • BC Hydro’s representative is responsible to ensure environmental risks and protection requirements are reviewed/documented with Contractor before work starts
  • Identify and discuss environmental impacts with impacted FN’s and stakeholders
  • Timely identify and consult BC Hydro’s Environmental Risk Management for quick and efficient solutions to problems as they arise

To learn more about procurement opportunities for Nation member individuals and business members contact:

Dina Matterson – Relationship Lead – Okanagan Nation Alliance (Syilx), Indigenous Relations
P 604 528 1809
M 604 219 0674

Image Description: Field Vegetation Study at West Kelowna Transmission Project