Health Care Advocate

Servicing Syilx Okanagan Nation member communities, the two newly created Health Care Advocate (HCA) positions will coordinate the client care within our communities and support the seamless movement of persons served through the mainstream healthcare system. Committed to practice within a Syilx perspective and implementing a holistic approach, the main objectives of the HCA is to identify, mitigate and overcome all barriers to accessing health care for Nation members. Funded through the First Nations Health Authority, the HCA will be an integral part of a primary care team, including Band Health staff and health system care providers, serving as a support for clinical decision-making. The HCA will empower persons served to assume responsibility for their own wellness by ensuring they feel supported in their journey to make the best decisions for their health consistent with professional standards.

How do I access the Health Care Advocate?

The Health Care Advocates will accept and maintain referrals from community health staff, families and Aboriginal Patient Navigators.