#WeLoveLanguage Campaign

Let’s all use love language when we are engaging with anyone in our lives.

The #WeLoveLanguage Campaign brings awareness to the language we use when speaking to others and issues of violence in our communities. This includes using inclusive and appropriate language, but additionally being mindful of listening to others when they create their own boundaries.

The #WeLoveLanguage program aims to remind the Syilx Nation to be mindful of the words we use when we speak to others. This year we are including the slogan “we are all beautiful because our land is beautiful”. This statement is to honor all the diversity throughout our communities and Nation. Lets use language to celebrate our diversities of strengths, identity, and traits.

This campaign is intended for all individuals throughout the Okanagan Nation Communities


Nsyilxcen Translation Audio
k̓łt̓mʕasm Kiss  Kiss
n̓kl̓xʷusm Hug Hug
mipnwíxʷ Get to know each other Get to Know Each Other
ʕay̓n̓cút Laugh Laugh
slax̌t Friend Friend
spʔus Heart Heart
tmixʷ All Living Things All Living Things
tqʷəlqʷiltmnt Talk about it Talk About It
xixiʔstixʷ Asking for consent Asking for consent
nputlsmn I’m okay with that I’m okay with that

*Also includes the English versions of “balance” and “peace”.