Code of Ethical Conduct

In honour of the strength and commitment of our ancestors who have created the path of healing that we walk today, and for the well-being of the next seven generations. The Okanagan Nation Alliance Wellness Team is committed to excellence in its services to you.

The Code is based on the following values:

  • Excellence in service provision
  • Accountability to the people served, the organization and the community
  • Relationships are the heart of our work – Respect the rights and dignity of all people
  • Fairness and Balance

The Principles we follow are:

  • Responsibility to Our Relations – The People We Serve:
    To be aware of and follow the cultural ways and standards of conduct within the communities we serve. We believe in your right and ability to decide how you would like to change your life on your healing journey.
  • Professional Competence:
    The Wellness Team must maintain a minimum standard of professional conduct and practice.
  • Integrity:
    Is being truthful at all times and acting in good faith in all dealings with you, our colleagues, and the community.
  • Confidentiality:
    Wellness team members must ensure that records are accurate, current and managed in ways that protect your privacy. Information shared is viewed as sacred and is not discussed without your consent.

    • Workers may check their emails only once per day or longer if away from a service area; your message may not reach them. Workers will try to respond within 48 hours
    • Workers will respond briefly to let you know they got your message and to arrange for a time to talk with you
    • If workers are sending you important information they will request a brief reply from you saying that you’ve received the information
    • Protect your privacy from others who might have access to your computer