Syilx Intellectual & Cultural Request

Syilx Communities Cultural and Intellectual Principles and Fundamentals

Syilx Communities Cultural and Intellectual Principles and Fundamentals implements appropriate ways of using ONA cultural materials, and connects with our Peoples and communities. They support moral conduct and promote interaction based on integrity with mutual concern and respect. The continuing responsible use of ONA cultural knowledge and expression will ensure that our culture is maintained, protected and passed on to future generations. In order to successfully engage with indigenous communities, their terms, guided by indigenous principals of respect and protocols, must be honored and adhered to.

For thousands of years, the Syilx Okanagan people were self-reliant and well provided for through their own ingenuity and use of the land and resources. Syilx lived united as a nation with a whole economy, travelling the breadth and depth of our territory; hunting, fishing, growing, harvesting, and trading created a sustainable economy that met our needs.

Please Read Cultural and Intellectual Fundamentals before filling out ONA Request form.


Please send requests to Tara Montgomery, Communications Lead,, or P: 250-707-0095 ext 120