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Building on the groundwork laid by our cultural values, guidance provided by both the community and best practices in Indigenous family wellness, a model has emerged that will allow us to exercise jurisdiction over our children and families. The Syilx Child and Family Plan is an approach to service delivery that addresses complex root causes caused by colonialism and reinforces our community’s ability to create healthy environments where children are safe and can thrive.

The Syilx culture, the nsyilxcen language, and the enowkin’wixw process are the foundation upon which this Plan rests. Families are at the center and prevention is the focus. As we move towards this future vision the ONA has already implemented the Family Decision Making Program.

For more info on the Syilx Nation Family Declaration, please click here.

Syilx Nation Family Declaration – Read by caylx (Richard Armstrong):


ta’tupa – Spirit Bear Moon Calendar 2024: Printable Copy

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Charlotte Gabriel-Singh, Child and Family Administrator