You Empowered Strong (YES)

The YES program provides awareness, education, training, and resources on de-normalizing violence and sexual assault as one of the key steps to create change and change behaviors.

The Okanagan Nation Alliance has developed the YES Program to create a sustainable model of support to our families and community to begin to address the impact of family violence and sexual assault. This will be accomplished in a nested model that includes, individual, family and community.  Using Syilx knowledge and strength based practice to build the capacity of families and creating a strong network that will support the wellbeing of the community. Services are family-driven and community-based. Each community determines what resources and trainings they need. Each family receives support in the process of creating holistic wellbeing and safety plans.


The intergenerational effects of colonization normalized violence in our communities. YES brings together Syilx ways, strength-based practices, and community solutions to build the capacity of families dealing with the impacts of family violence and sexual assault.

  • Supports individuals and families experiencing family violence or sexual assault.
  • Increase recognition of time-honoured traditional and cultural teachings, healings and activities that help vulnerable families grow stronger and healthier.
  • Encourage strong community relations and practices.
  • Build prevention and response capacity through professional collaboration.


YES provides one-on-one, confidential and non-judgmental support which varies from case to case:

  • Emotional support
  • Advocacy
  • Connecting clients to cultural supports
  • Debriefing
  • Developing a safety plan
  • Assisting clients in accessing resources and referrals to other programs

Training By Request

The YES Team is available to do workshops to enhance knowledge around family violence, sexual assault, and their impacts including personal safety and trauma-informed practice. The team collaborates to build programming to suit the needs of community.

Responding to Sexual Violence Disclosure Handbook

For information, please contact:

Darryl-Jean Peeman, YES Team Lead

P: 778-392-8133