Training and Education


The Enduring Relationship is about more than just collaboration on major energy projects and economic development opportunities in the Nation; it’s about working together to support and hold up the Syilx Okanagan Nation and its members. BC Hydro has provided several programs and training courses to help community members develop the necessary skills to reach their career goals and provide funding through scholarships and bursaries available to Syilx Okanagan students.

Some examples of past career and training opportunities include:

  • 7 Nation members were funded to participate in the Construction Craft Worker Trades Program (Red Seal trade)
  • 15 Nation members were funded to receive NRTG/NVIT Environmental Technician Certification Program
  • 15 Nation members were funded to receive a certification in NRTG Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification & Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping Training
  • First Aid, ATV/UTV and other safety courses
  • Customer Services Skills training
  • Pre-apprentice Utility Arborist training
  • Engineer In-Training program
  • Courses on archaeology research and sampling skills
  • Dedicated, full-time Project Coordinators hired to support engagement with BC Hydro on mega projects
  • A Nation member has been hired as the Construction Manager Trainee position within the West Kelowna Project.
  • Jobs as construction officers, project managers and more

Nation member was hired into the BC Hydro Engineer-In-Training program. To read about how BC hydro has supported a Penticton Indian Band member to get her electrical engineering degree, read:

Image Descriptions: Utility Arborist Training; Customer Service Skills Training


BC Hydro offers several annual scholarships and bursaries for Indigenous peoples that the Syilx Okanagan Nation can apply to. Since 2016, $45,000 has been awarded in scholarships and bursaries to Syilx Okanagan community members with numerous successful applicants each year. To learn more about scholarships and bursaries available to students click here: 

  • 2016 Recipients: PIB and UNB member – $5,000 scholarship each (names not available this year)
  • 2017 Recipients: Justine Manuel, Darcie Alexis – $5,000 scholarship each; Will Alexis – $2,000 bursary
  • 2018 Recipients: Darcie Alexis, Sarah Alexis, Reiley Terbasket – $5,000 scholarship each
  • 2019 Recipients: Carrie Terbasket $5,000 scholarship; Dawn Machin $2,000 bursary

Image Descriptions: 2019 Scholarship recipients Carrie Terbasket and Dawn Machin

ONA Member scholarship and bursary 2016-2019 Recipients

To learn more about training and education opportunities provided by BC Hydro, contact:

Nadine Israel – Program Specialist Southeast, Indigenous Employment & Training

M 250-320-2820
P 250-371-6967