The Okanagan Nation Alliance partners with the University of British Columbia (Okanagan) in hosting teacher candidates during their Community Field Experience. The Community Field Experience is a 3-week practicum placement, and is an essential part of the Bachelor of Education program.

The Community Field Experience (CFE) is an opportunity for teacher candidates to embrace teaching and learning in a new environment that provides community context, while contributing to the candidates formal teaching experience. The purpose of the CFE is for candidates to showcase their knowledge and skills, while fostering relationships and connections beyond the classroom.

A route that candidates may choose to take during their CFE is curriculum development specific to the community partner’s objectives, while being active members of the partner’s community. Our teacher candidate this year, Laura Schellenberg, has chosen to develop lesson plans on wápupxn (Lynx) and kiɁlawnaɁ (Grizzly Bear). The unit plans she created cover cross-curricular content, ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 4, and make direct connections to both the BC Curriculum and Syilx perspectives.

These resources have been created with the intent of making Indigenous content accessible for teachers, while highlighting the significance of Syilx perspectives within learning contexts.

wápupxn (Lynx) Lesson Plan

kiɁlawnaɁ (Grizzly Bear) Lesson Plan