Broodstock Tours


As part of the kł cp̓əlk̓ stim̓ initiative, ONA has been beach seining and collecting eggs and milt from adult Sockeye in the Okanagan River for rearing and release into Skaha Lake. Since 2004, ONA has stocked Skaha and Osyoyoos Lake with hatchery-reared fry and monitored their growth, survival, and impacts on the Skaha Lake food-web and effects on kokanee populations.  Results so far have been very promising; the program has been a success story.  Beginning in 2014, ONA has been rearing the fry in the new kł cp̓əlk̓ stim̓ Hatchery.

As part of our dedication to promoting education and awareness around Okanagan sockeye and other fish species in the region, ONA provides free school tours to classes from K-12 of the broodstock site and activities. Tours usually take place over the first two weeks of October.


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