Syilx Indian Residential School Healing Gathering


puti kʷu‿alaʔ

The Syilx Indian Residential School (SIRS) Committee at the ONA holds an annual gathering for Syilx Okanagan residential school survivors, intergenerational survivors, and other family members to share stories, support each other, and participate in healing together.

Residential schools were extremely disruptive to Syilx Okanagan relationships. Families were separated and roles were forgotten, connections were lost, and sharing of culture between generations was disrupted. This event will be 2 days of working on our relationships with each other and with ourselves.  Through various workshops, ceremony, and food, this event will bring survivors and Nation members together to heal and work towards a stronger, healthier Nation.

Open to Syilx Okanagan Nation Members & Community Members

2024 SIRS Gathering Poster

Event Date:
April 3-4, 2024

Event Time:
9 am - 4 pm

Event Location:
Prestige Hotel Vernon, 4411 32 St, Vernon, BC


Taylor Carpenter, SIRS Coordinator or 250-707-0095 ext. 219