kwu x̌ast


kwu x̌ast is a prevention program that creates a space for children to safely express and explore their creativity through a variety of art forms and settings. Participants will at times work in one large group, small groups or individually.

As a large group, children will come together to talk and decide about a group art project. While in small groups children will participate in role-playing games and a variety of fun activities to further develop their social interaction skills. Individual work may include working on one’s own art project. Such projects may include photography, shadow puppetry, theatre, singing and more. Some of these activities will take place on the land, to allow children to connect with nature.

kwu x̌ast encourages children to expand their creativity while also learning new skills to express themselves, and become their authentic self through personal development.

The kwu x̌ast Program Coordinator works with the community contact to arrange and plan delivery of the kwu x̌ast Program.


Event Date:

kwu ast is delivered at least one time a year in each community. For information contact the kwu ast Coordinator: