Asserting Family Authority: Child and Family Info And Engagement Session


This info session will provide families and communities with information regarding upcoming reforms in Child and Family services including:

  • Who is the Our Children Our Way Secretariat and what do they do?
  • Examples of different child and family jurisdiction pathways.
  • Where are we as a Nation in our jurisdiction pathway & where we want to go?
  • What do we need to get there? What do we want want to see moving forward?

We aim to gather information and feedback from Syilx Nation members on the next steps to implement Syilx nəqsil̓t | Family supports and services.

Open to Syilx Nation members!

C&F November Info Session – Virtual

Event Date:
Nov 28, 2023 (Virtual)

Event Time:
3 pm - 7 pm (Virtual)

Event Location:


Davis Janko, Child and Family Nation Planner
250-707-0095 ext. 224