yix̌wyәx̌wútxәn Badger Project

Project Overview:

This wildlife project involves investigating sightings and reports of mortality and collecting hair and other samples from the declining population of badgers to understand the genetic relationships and habitat connectivity of this species-at-risk in the south Okanagan, Boundary and Similkameen areas.

Project Goals:

To collect hair samples suitable for DNA analysis from as many individual badgers and locations as possible in the study area.

Project Plan:

ONA wildlife staff responds to sightings within the study area that are reported to the BC badger hotline or directly to the ONA. Wildlife staff collects badger hairs from burrows and respond to reports of mortality (e.g. roadkill). The hair and other samples that may be collected are provided to a UBC Okanagan graduate student for analysis.

Project Media:

Project Progress/Status:

ONA has completed two field seasons and has collected sufficient hair and other samples for analysis. No further work is anticipated at this time.

Project Team:

Al Peatt, RPBio (ONA)

Rich Weir, RPBio (Ministry of Environment)

Project Partnerships:

BC Ministry of Environment 

UBC Okanagan 

Argo Road Maintenance