Middle Vernon Creek Action Plan

Project Overview:

The middle and upper portions of the Vernon Creek watershed have a long history of water supply challenges, and this has led to extreme low flow conditions for fall spawning Kokanee Salmon in Middle Vernon Creek. The Middle Vernon Creek Action Plan (MVCAP) aims to ensure sustainability of Wood Lake Kokanee by securing a consistent water supply for the primary spawning tributary, Middle Vernon Creek.

Project Goals:

The project goal is to secure a consistent water supply for Middle Vernon Creek.

Project Plan:

This is a multi-year project that lasted from 2012 – 2016. The project consisted of collecting hydrology information at several stations along the creek, as well as information on rare plants along the shoreline of Ellison Lake. Based on the hydrology data, a computer model was created that allows users to model streamflow scenarios under various water management strategies. A water operating plan was drafted; however, it became obvious during the 2015 drought that careful water management was not sufficient to ensure adequate flows in Middle Vernon Creek. Subsequently, an engineering study was commissioned to determine engineering options for maintaining adequate water supply in thecreek.

Project Progress/Status:

In Progress

Project Team:

Elinor McGrath – ONA Lead

Project Partnerships:

Okanagan Indian Band

Department of Forest, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations