Native Mussel Contaminant Investigation

Project Overview:

To undertake a collections of native mussels and analyze for a suite of contaminants related to industry operating in the Columbia.

Project Goals:

Analyze contaminants in native mussels from headwater lakes down to the Columbia mainsteam, and compare to literature values for safe consumption of fish.

Project Plan:

Conduct native mussel collections during periods of low-flow in the Columbia River, low draft in the reservoirs, and summer low-flows in tributaries and headwater lakes. Send samples to ALS (an accredited lab) to test for a suite of contaminants including metals and hydrocarbons. Compare results with government published consumption thresholds to determine a preliminary measure of consumption risk. Will investigate for interested Community members to participate in the collection, via ONA Communications Team.

Project Media:

Project Progress/Status:

Funding just secured from First Nations Health Authority (March 2021). Project kick-off in April 2021.

Project Team:

Michael Zimmer, ONA Biologist // Project LeadCourtenay Heetebrij, ONA Biologist // Project Lead


Project Partnerships:

First Nations Health Authority
Secwepemc Nation
LGL Environmental Consultants Ltd.