tmixʷ Wildlife

Syilx people have always cared for and managed wildlife and ecosystems as part of our inherent responsibility to sustain life on our territory.

At ONA we are committed to adhering to these responsibilities — with ONA biologists and tmixʷ technicians working on the ground to develop, manage, and implement wildlife projects and activities. From the restoration of key habitats to the monitoring of endemic species we are working to guarantee that all beings have the capacity to thrive for generations to come.

This includes actively engaging Syilx Okanagan traditional ecological knowledge keepers to inform our interactions on the land – balanced with the incorporation of western science. Through the integration of these two systems, the ONA is leading the way to ensure that we are rejuvenating the habitats in the most dynamic way possible. This work is carried out as part of our ongoing commitment to help to support Syilx people who enjoy and depend on wildlife resources for food, spiritual, and cultural purposes.