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Wild Fire Update from Province of BC

July 26th, 2018

Placer Mountain Fire

Location: Approx. 37 km south of Princeton.
Fire is located west of Ashnola River and Cathedral Park. The fire is not in the Park.
Date of Discovery: July 17, 2018
Fire Size: 520 ha
Status: Out of Control
Cause: Lightning
Resources: 22 firefighters, 4 helicopters, 8 pieces of heavy equipment and industry personnel.
Objectives: Continue establishing wet lines along hose trails. Bucketing is being carried out in areas where the fire is burning aggressively.
Danger tree assessing and danger tree felling is ongoing. Establish a contingency line to the west of the fire with heavy equipment. The fire has crossed McBride Creek and is progressing upslope into the old Diamond Fire of 2017.
Evacuations: No current evacuation orders or alerts. Future road or area restrictions may be implemented due to traffic on the Ashnola Road.

Snowy Mountain Fire (K51238)

Location: Approx. 14 km south of Keremeos
Date of Discovery: July 17, 2018
Fire Size: 1,530 ha
Status: Out of control.
Cause: Lightning
Resources: The fire continues to be monitored. A remote camera has now been set up and is providing real time imaging.
Objectives: Land managers have been consulted and trigger points have been set to determine at what point this fire will be actioned. The fire is burning at a high elevation and is visible to Cawston and Keremeos.
Other: This fire is located in the Snowy Protected Area. BC Parks has closed Ewart and Wall Creek trails pending further assessment of the fire.
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Evacuations: There are no current evacuation orders or alerts.

Information Officer: Ken Juvik | 604-819-7205
Placer Mountain Fire (K61241)

K61241 Community Bulletin July 25