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Return of sc’win (sockeye) to Syilx Okanagan Territory

June 15th, 2021

Expect sc’win (sockeye) in nk’mip (Osoyoos Lake) within the next 6-9 days, and shortly thereafter, to sxʷ̌  əxʷnitkʷ (Ok Falls)!

This year we are expecting a lower-than-average run of sc’win. Therefore, fisheries management recommendations will focus on food fisheries (trolling in Osoyoos Lake and angling at Okanagan Falls). Likelihood of a commercial fishery is very low.

An estimated 1% (3,816) adult sockeye were counted at Bonneville Dam upstream of the mouth of Columbia River on June 13, 2021.  In-season forecasts for returning sockeye to Bonneville Dam is expected at 112,600 adults, of which 80-85% are migrating to the Okanagan (Osoyoos, Skaha, and Okanagan Lake). We anticipate 31,000 to 62,000 adults migrating into Osoyoos Lake between end of June through early October.

Based on fisheries management, a food fishery will be open to all Syilx Okanagan members.

Call for Syilx Okanagan Nation members to participate in sockeye monitoring research

As part of our monitoring efforts, ONA fisheries creelers and biologists will be on site soliciting members to participate in sockeye research at the fishing grounds in OK falls, Osoyoos lake, and McIntyre Dam. For those Syilx members interested in participating we will be requesting permission to sample adult fish you catch to:  recover tags, take a small DNA samples, measurement the length, and ear bones for aging. Your participation is greatly appreciated as it informs our work in enhancing and protecting salmon stocks.

If you notice tags in a fish or have any other questions please contact:
Howie Wright, ONA Fisheries Manager
t: 1-250-718-5215

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