Verdict Provides Initial Steps Forward for Family and Community

April 7th, 2017

Okanagan Nation Territory/Westbank BC: The Louie and Hall family have endured years of arduous judicial processes and litigation in regards to the murder trial of Roxanne Louie, yet in the face of these challenges they have found the strength and resiliency to persevere. Justice here is found in both the verdict, as well as in the capacity of family and community to come together and support one another through the process of healing from such trauma.

The Okanagan Nation Alliance (ONA) Chiefs Executive Council (CEC) extend their deepest sympathy and support to the families who continue to go through the process of healing from such great loss. We stand with the Louie and Hall family.

“Our hearts go out to our families and communities who have been so deeply affected by this tragedy, yet we recognize that a true sense of justice will never be served by a court. Though a National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women was launched by the federal government these gestures must be met with meaningful action. The Province of BC and the Federal Governments must take steps to end the systemic discrimination and racism that is at the root of epidemic of violence perpetrated on Indigenous women and girls in staggering numbers,” stated Grand Chief Stewart Phillip.

It is important to recognize that this verdict is not a final step in the healing process for families. As stated by Dan Wilson, Roxanne’s uncle “Though this verdict is a part of moving towards justice for Roxanne, it is important to highlight the systemic discrimination, racism and oppression that continues to be placed on indigenous peoples and communities through such legal cases as these. Overall, we want to thank the jury for the sacrifice and hard work in dealing with these difficult issues.”

When speaking to the indigenous experience in Canada, Roger Hall, Roxanne’s father stated that, “We cannot look for justice here, we will have justice when we walk on our own path, our own road”.

There are still many Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women who remain silenced. It is our hope that these women are found, preferably safe, and that such cases as these may set a precedent to deter future perpetrators of such violent acts.


Grand Chief Stewart Phillip
ONA Chair
Cell: 250-490-5314

Dan Wilson
Family Spokesperson
Cell: 250-309-3647