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Rebuilding Our Syilx Nation & Recognition

July 23rd, 2019

Upholding their mandate to protect and advance Syilx People’s Title and Rights, the Chiefs Executive Council has been negotiating with Canada at a Recognition of Indigenous Rights and Self-Determination table.

We know who we are. Through this process, the government of Canada can finally and formally tell itself and all of its bodies to recognize the Syilx People and our Syilx Nation. This is a much more effective path than continually fighting for our rights in costly endless court cases.

Recognition of the Syilx People, developing ankc’x̌ʷiplaʔtntət uɬ yʕat iʔ ks səctxət̕stim – our laws and responsibilities – and establishing our Syilx Nation government are vital steps to fully realize our collective title and rights under Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution, and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

This is a not a treaty. It is not a land claim settlement. It does not set up a municipal level government. It has nothing to do with a corporation. We give up nothing! Instead, Canada will be legally bound to stop its denial and recognize the Syilx Nation and our People’s inherent Title and Rights.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip states: “This is the path to a more just future where we never again have to struggle at every turn to assert our identity and rights as a Nation.”

The Chiefs Executive Council will continue in its role as governance body through transition to our own Nation level government. ankc’x̌ʷiplaʔtntət uɬ yʕat iʔ ks səctxət̕stim – our laws and responsibilities must be set out and approved by Syilx Nation members through the community-led process to rebuild our Syilx Nation government. Recognition by the federal government will create a new Nation-to-Nation fiscal relationship with Canada and support access to Nation rebuilding and then ongoing Syilx Nation governance funding. Stronger intergovernmental relations and respect for Syilx decision-making authority in Syilx territory will support the full realization of our inherent and collectively held Title and Rights.

Rebuilding Our Syilx Nation + Recognition