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September 4th, 2019

Brittany Mullin

Brittany has completed her Bachelor of Dental Science at UBC Vancouver, and is setting her sights on the next academic endeavor. In September 2019 Brittany will begin a Master’s in Public Health program at The University of Victoria. She wishes to broaden her lens and work more with communities, helping those who may be missed by the system, or do not fit within the framework of the current system. Her long term goals include working to develop a health care system that meets the needs of all Canadians by working with Communities, health authorities, and partaking in research, and advocacy.


“Through my bachelor’s degree experience and my experience with the First Nations Health Authority at the International Indigenous Allied Health Conference, I came to realize the true scope of the health crisis amongst our indigenous populations. They are often unable to access care due to a lack of services in their region, or through unwillingness to access current service due to fear of discrimination and safety. I plan to use my professional designation as my platform by establishing an independent mobile hygienic clinic to work with rural and remote Indigenous communities, offering them oral hygiene services and support that are culturally safe. This will benefit both individuals, and communities but I want to create change on a larger scale still.”


Keianna James

Keianna is a member of the Osoyoos Indian Band, and current student at Thompson River University. She has chosen a path of passion exploring her interest in science. Upon completing her Bachelor of Science in Biology she is looking towards an additional two years of school in the field of Optometry. Keianna has a dream of starting an indigenized Optometry office on Osoyoos Indian Band land with the intention of making eye care more affordable, and comfortable for her community.

“To create and become a positive change in my community and for all indigenous peoples would be and has always been my absolute goal. Indigenous peoples have been growing into strong, beautiful communities, and changing for the better, and this great change needs to continue, so that we can make our ancestors, relatives, people, and family proud. I am honored to be an Okanagan Woman from Osoyoos Indian Band, and I plan on continuing my education to not only improve my life, but also the lives of my community, in the form of health care in optometry.”