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Community Fishing Notice: Mable Lake and Middle Shuswap River

August 4th, 2021

Fraser River Chinook are available for harvest in Mable Lake and at Shuswap Falls.

The salmon fishery is open to members of the: Lower Similkameen Indian Band, Okanagan Indian Band, Osoyoos Indian band, Penticton Indian Band, Upper Nicola Band, Upper Similkameen Indian Band and the Westbank First Nation.

This year the ONA fisheries department expects a low number of fish to return to the Middle Shuswap River. A small FSC fishery for Nation members will be open. The fishery is anticipated to start beginning of August and end mid-September.

Information needed to assist with the management of the fishery:

After you go out fishing please contact Howie Wright, ONA ( to let him know the following regarding your fishing trip:

Date(s) fished, start and end time of fishing, number of lines in the water, gear used*, fish kept, fish lost, other fish kept/lost, additional information you want to share, number of people in your party

*NOTE: Snagging is not recommended

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