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Voting in the 2021 Federal Elections

September 17th, 2021

Greetings to our dear Elders, Leaders, and community members.

With the greatest respect, we ask for your help and appeal for your support.

We are working on getting out the vote on Election Day. One of our most important efforts in this campaign is to reach Indigenous voters and make it easy for them to vote. Election Day is this upcoming Monday, September 20 and the polls are open from 7am-7pm.

We are calling upon you to assist in these efforts by assigning your staff to help getting community members out to vote. They can do this by:

  • offering to drive people to and from the polling station
  • announcing voting information on local radio (ID requirements and voting hours)
  • helping people to gather the required ID and confirmation of residency (if necessary)
  • posting information on community social media pages (with ID requirements and voting hours)
  • encouraging voters to go with family members or friends

Finally, please be available to sign the attached Confirmation of Residence forms that can serve as one of two pieces of ID needed for people to vote (see attached). You will write the voter’s name on the form and the name of the First Nation. The Chief, a council member, or band manager (administrator) can sign the form. This signed letter, as well one other piece of ID, will allow a person to vote.

With your support and leadership, we can see another tremendous voter turnout in the 2021 federal election.








Confirmation of Residence