kɬúsx̌nítkʷ (Okanagan Lake) Responsibility Planning Initiative

kɬúsx̌nítkʷ (Okanagan Lake) Responsibility Planning Initiative is designed to bring Syilx and non-Syilx partners together to address the cumulative impacts threatening the long-term viability of Okanagan Lake and its ecosystems to provide clean drinking water, habitat for fish and wildlife, erosion and flood control, and contribute to climate change mitigation.  The planning process is Syilx-led and brings the voices of Elders, youth, knowledge holders, hunters, fishers, and harvesters to articulate and share the Syilx values associated with Okanagan Lake stewardship.

In 2022, this project will undertake the development of the siwɬkʷ Responsibility Action Plan. This Action Plan is a key component from Review the Strategy: Syilx siwɬkʷ Strategy

The goal of the siwɬkʷ Responsibility Action Plan is to change and provide guidance for new land use decision-making processes, policies, and practices for stronger environmental protection that are guided by syilx values for meaningful and lasting change. This work will support the Province’s implementation of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (DRIPA).

For more information, visit: www.syilx.org/projects/kɬusxnitkʷ-okanagan-lake-responsibility-planning-initiative/