When Love Hurts Workshop


When Love Hurts: Responding to Violence

Join us for a one-day workshop to learn more about the When Love Hurts model and practice to support women who are experiencing abuse from a partner. We will explore how to use four essential exercises to help women name, understand and heal from their experiences of abuse from a partner. We will look at how research and women’s narratives link substance use and/or mental health concerns with women’s experiences of abuse, and learn about the benefits of offering violence-informed, low barrier and harm reduction approaches to best support women and their children.

This workshop will shatter myths and change perspectives about violence and allow individuals to more equipped to support, while also acknowledging gaps in services and the importance of coming together as a community.

Open to Syilx Okanagan Nation and Community Members

When Love Hurts Workshop Poster

About the Facilitator:

Jill Cory is an author, speaker and trainer. She has committed her career to supporting women with experiences of abuse and advocating for systemic changes. Jill has worked as a frontline support worker and developed a group support program for women who have experienced abuse. For nearly 2 decades, Jill worked at BC Women’s Hospital, and led action research to understand the links between woman abuse, substance use and mental health concerns. She is co-author with Karen McAndless-Davis of the book “When Love Hurts” which is used by women’s organizations across North America and is a tool for women to understand abuse and find healing. Their recent publication, When Love Hurts: Best Practices Guide and Curriculum for Supporting Women with Experiences of Abuse is now available as a support for professionals.

Open to Syilx Okanagan Nation and Community Members

Event Date:
July 14th, 2021

Event Time:
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Event Location:


Darryl-Jean Peeman, YES Team Lead