Syilx Men’s Wellness Gathering

sqlqltmixʷ naɬ tẃtẃit ʔúluʔs

This is an on-the-land event to bring our men together to promote syilx culture, traditional wellness, and nation connectedness.

The Gathering aims foster a sense of unity, identity, and wellness amongst Syilx men and boys through an immersive, organic-driven, on-the-land experience. By creating safe spaces for cultural connection, community building, skill development, sqlɬcawtət learning activities, we aim to strengthen the bond amongst our men and deepen their connection to Syilx traditions and values.

Open to Syilx Nation members that identify as men, 2SLGBTQIA+ and male caregivers of Syilx Nation boys. All participants must be 14 years and older.


Event Date:
2024 Date TBC

Event Time:
All Day

Events Planner

250 707 0095 ext. 127