sqilxʷ-Syilx Birthing Gathering

knknxtwixʷ íʔ təm’tum’ x̌əl sqʷsqʷaʔsíaʔ tət

The Syilx Birthing Gathering is going to focus on knowledge sharing for those who are expecting, preparing themselves or supporting someone before, during and after their pregnancy.

Topics of discussion include pelvic health, post-partum, breast feeding, Syilx protocols and an overall open discussion to share ones thoughts or experiences. Please note that this is the first gathering that is focusing on birthing and is a starting place for future sessions.

This gathering is open to Syilx life givers (those who have or plan to give birth to Syilx babies)

The following participants are welcome in this space:
1. Syilx life givers
2. Life givers giving birth to Syilx babies
3. Staff of a Syilx community directly supporting Syilx life givers (i.e. maternal child health, nurses, sexual and reproductive health staff)

2023 Syilx Birth Gathering Poster

Event Date:
June 26-27, 2023

Event Time:
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Event Location:
En'owkin Centre

Event Map:


Summer DeGuevara, Events Planner
events@syilx.org or 250 707 0095 ext. 127